Knowing God Sermon Series

How can we know God? If there is a God who, as Jews and Christians believe, created the universal is this God even knowable? The great Protestant Reformer John Calvin suggests we start with looking at ourselves. He wrote that the way to God begins with knowledge of ourselves. By looking inward we are compelled to look upward. Exploring those deep places within, touching those secret places often of sadness or suffering, as painful as that can be, is the catalyst to finding meaning and making sense out of life. This leads to inner peace. Turning this around, we know ourselves by knowing God. By looking at God we see the truth in ourselves. We are inclined to denial and hypocrisy and without contemplating ourselves alongside of the contemplation of God we remain deceived. If we do not contemplate God, we remain content with our own righteousness, wisdom, and virtue says Calvin. Perhaps the darkness enables us to see the light. Knowing God begins with self-knowledge.

This series will look through the lens of Reformed Theology to answer the question, “How can I know God.” This is the way of finding meaning and peace for our lives.

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